Shopping App Development

The Concept

Shopping app development or e-commerce app development has been drawing wide-spread attention in the present. In the growing age of online shopping who does not like to shop from the comfort of one's drawing-room? At the same time, if a platform gives an option of selling one's stuff too, it will just be a cherry on the cake. Such an app/website can entertain multiple audiences because it's a simplified way to fulfill one's need quickly and efficiently.

The Challenges

A client approached the team of TechAvidus with a need for shopping app development through which one can buy or sell products such as electronics, fashion, furniture, properties, automobiles, etc. on the website. The prime challenge before the team of TechAvidus was mapping the arbitrary requirements with the incomplete set of inputs (media, functionalities, etc.). We were headed towards building a full-fledged solution as a product of e-commerce app development.

The Solution

A robust, secure, and a multi-functional system is developed as an outcome of an online shopping app design. The site allows the user to sell or buy the products effortlessly and swiftly. Any desired product can be quickly bid for and purchased. Additionally, the user can have a “ask price” feature for the product he/she wishes to sell. Once the buyer’s and seller’s price are matched then the transaction can be processed. The best part is, there is no third party involved, and a direct connection between buyer and seller is established.


The solution developed by the team of TechAvidus has the following unbeatable features.

  • Easy profile setup/update and maintenance
  • Easy sign-up and easy posting of their advertisement
  • User portfolio management
  • Transaction history records for items sold and purchased
  • Listing of products with relevant details
  • Online checkout
  • Transaction management
  • User-oriented online shopping app design
  • Compatible with various mobile and desktop operating systems

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