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How We Deliver

Engagement Process

An initial engagement with TechAvidus begins with an Account Manager who works directly with our customer to define the vision of the project.

Our approach is rooted in our customer’s requirements; TechAvidus allows transparency and open communication between all key parties involved.


TechAvidus has refined a methodology that allows our team to gain a full understanding of our customer’s requirements. We take the time to understand your unique challenges and existing systems to develop a tailored technical solution. During identification, we conduct customer reviews; inventory existing assets that pertain to the proposed effort and create customer surveys where appropriate.

High-level Requirement

Analysis and Recommendation

During the analysis, we perform a “deep dive” to understand the interrelationships between proposed elements. We also apply our technical experience to create an objective and constructive view of the feasibility of the project components to support our recommendations.

TechAvidus analysis team typically includes a Project Manager, a Business Analyst, and a Technical Lead. We also request customer to provide a primary point of contact, however, we encourage as many customer stakeholders as necessary to ensure smooth and successful analysis efforts.

The specific deliverables for the Analysis and Recommendation phase vary by project, but will be agreed upon by TechAvidus and Customer before the project Kick-off. The specific deliverables includes: a High-Level Functional Requirements Document, Project Plan, Wireframes and Design Concepts, and a Cost Proposal.

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High-level Requirement

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Project Plan

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Cost Proposal


The recommendation step extends from the analysis, we may suggest multiple options based on cost, time to implement and other factors. Recommendations can define the criticality of project components, set priority and identify areas for future enhancements.

Execution, Testing, Review and Finalization:

After Analysis and Recommendation, we follow Agile or Waterfall model based on the nature of the project. We keep following factors in consideration while choosing Development Methodology. We consider the following factors when deciding what methodology to use on a project:

  • Customer preference or stated methodology requirement
  • Customer tolerance for scope and cost changes
  • Project size and complexity
  • Customer availability
  • Level of integration with external systems
  • Time to market
How We Work

Warranty and Maintenance

During the support and maintenance phase, our senior developer (who is being the point of contact with the client since the development phase) or project manager serves as the client's single point of contact. Recurring status meetings will be held to review resource consumption, priorities, work items and blockers.

The key technologies in which we thrive to give solutions to you are:

  • Using ASP.NET CORE, AngularJS, Node.JS and ASP.NET MVC we build custom web applications.
  • Using Ionic and Xamarin technology we build cross-platform mobile applications for various Oss such as IOS, Windows, and Android.

We expertize on designing and building impeccable web applications, and custom web apps within the cyberspace. Whatever your goals, we at TechAvidus are ready to assist you in: marketing your services, collaborating with end customers or internet users, selling products as SAAS, or deploying the app as a product.

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