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Cross-Platform Application Development

Cross-Platform Application Development

Cross-Platform development frameworks have been the demand of many app development companies in recent time.

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Cross-platform frameworks that we are using


  • This technology used as iOS and Android cross-platform development allow you to create a native app. The things which you do in Swift or java can easily be done in c# with this framework.


  • This is another popular cross-platform which doesn’t require much coding knowledge and comprises more of web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Native script

  • This is an open-source platform which uses Angular, TypeScript or JavaScript.

These are few of many cross-platform mobile app development frameworks which have made the developers work more efficient.

Why go for cross-platform development frameworks?

Developers can use the same code and there is no need to write separate codes for different platforms which thus reduces repetitive tasks and saves time. It also alleviates the cost as it eliminates the need to hire different teams for different app development platforms. Uniformity of the app to be run on any platform is guaranteed. Hence with easier implementation, they are time and cost efficient.

Why TechAvidus For Cross-Platform Application Development?

We at TechAvidus have a team of experts in app development whether being Android Development, iOS or Windows which work with our clients from the beginning to the final touchup of the app. We have a command over cross-platform development languages.

We follow the 3 P’s rule

People Oriented Designs

  • Despite the awesome features of the app, it is always necessary that the design of the app is appealing to the common audience. So, we make sure that our first design screen is in accordance with your customers.


  • Our team with its experience and expertise on app development on different cross-platform development environment choose the best platforms to be targeted.


  • Your success is ours! So, we work with material design and latest methodologies for project management and beta test for any unknown bugs before finally launching the app. Our promise to stand by our clients beholds thus we provide free of cross support even after the app release.

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