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Property survey application for Builders and Homeowners


This customer management experience and the property survey application software boosted the customer service, and customer management up of the client to a great extent. It combined technology, strategy, and resources to improve the customer brand. The software solution pulled together and analyzed customer feedback data to provide a single, complete view of the customer.

Customer experience management software / Property Survey application provided the businesses of the customers with a way to give them a good experience every time they interact with a brand. The CEM was successful in taking customer feedback, correlating the feedback to business metrics, and analyzing them together. Businesses used the data to improve front-line engagement with customers and to plan strategic initiatives that lead to a better customer experience.

Finally, the goal of customer experience management / property survey application was to refine the customer journey through each touchpoint. This leads to increased revenue and happier customers.

About Client

Client is based in Canada and is a market leader in home building Industry and real estate. Their other solutions also included survey instruments, and reporting tools that deliver actionable insights to their customer. The Client has rapidly become an industry leader in customer experience analytics and performance services. The Canadian-based consulting firm works with homebuilders to identify and execute exceptional customer experience strategies and brand management. 


TechAvidus developed a web based application “Property Survey Application” which is a software solution for the residential construction industry that accommodated those diverse needs, so that meaningful feedback can be collected from customers. The feedback scenarios laid emphasis on:

  • To provide single online solution to manage the entire home building surveys.
  • To create and manage the surveys for builders area wise.
  • To provide platform for homeowner to fill up the surveys for their builders. 
  • To generate different reports and analyze the performance based on the surveys provided by the homeowners and measure the experience.
  • The major features which were provided:

Admin Module

  • Manage Builders branch details, Brands, surveys for Builders details and send email notification to homeowners for surveys to be filled up.
  • User’s management and Trade Management

Builder Module

  • Builder can go through the response of the homeowners and analyze it.
  • Various reports are generated based on time frame, branch/brand selection, area selection for research and detailed analysis.
  • Various charts are displayed to get visual presentation and easy interpretation.

Prospective Buyer Module

  • Analyze the willingness of customer to buy home form particular builder
  • Various reports are generated to analyze Hot, Warm and Cold Prospects.
  • Scores are calculated and graphs are displayed for detailed analysis.

Trade/Renovator/Dealer Module

  • Allows to manage trade and analyze the trade surveys based on reports and graphs. Also, dealer and renovator can manage their surveys, and do analysis based on the feedback provided by customers.

Employee Module

  • Manage employees, employee’s department and take out their performance reports and profile reports.

Super User Module

  • Super User Module is basically PHBI Module. Super User can access data of all builders and it can compare and analyze the performance of the builders through various scores calculated in the system.
  • It recognizes the builders with outstanding results, based on the feedback collected from their customers, trade partners and employees. The Home Owner Mark of Excellence Program Award is given to appreciate the builder with best performance.

Technologies Used

Microsoft .NET, C#, DevExpress , iTextSharp, MSSQL Server 2013

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