Employee Survey Application Development

The Concept

The efficiency of any organization is directly proportional to the satisfaction of its employees. Employees are the asset of any organization, and their suggestions/opinions matter a lot in the crucial decision-making process. Surveys can either be specific to the internal organizational matters or can range to broader goals, globally. The traditional means of accumulating information from each employee can be tedious. Hence an online employee satisfaction survey can bring phenomenal results to streamline the procedure and make it hassle-free.

The Challenges

Survey application development comes along with some critical challenges. Multilingual support, employee-specific access to features, multiple question types, and employee-specific filtering features are some of them. Measurement of attributes like employee satisfaction, employee engagement, and reviews in a user-friendly manner, demands skills beyond the ordinary.

The Solution

TechAvidus came up with a robust online survey application that gave an easy way to accumulate the opinions of every employee working in the organization. The survey app makes it easier to analyze problems in the overall environment of the organization. The online surveys are the best way to measure the employees’ acceptance of any changes in the internal structure of the organization. Not only this, but the employee performance survey also acts as a way to measure and reward excellent personnel. Rewarding acts as a source of acknowledging the efforts of the employees and boost a trustworthy culture.

Major Benefits

  • Cost-efficient - The online employee survey app development reduces your infrastructural costs, saves papers, reduces the required workforce, and boosts ROI.
  • Convenient - Extremely simple to fill and submit. The app encourages engagement and increases the response rate.
  • Time-saving - A one-stop-solution to create, administer, and analyze surveys. A centralized system saves a considerable amount of time.
  • Accurate - Replacement of a traditional manual entry system with a more streamlined process to achieve accurate results.
  • Phenomenal User-Experience - A quick analysis of the response as soon as the survey is complete. Fast tabulation of data and availability in multiple formats.

Advance Benefits

  • Accumulation of reliable data in actual time
  • Audio or video response compatible
  • Wide variety of types of questionnaire
  • Multi-language support
  • Multiple-survey construction using the same device.

Derivative Benefits

  • Higher Employee Satisfaction
  • Increased Employee Loyalty
  • Higher Employee Retention leading to Lower Employee Turnover

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