Project Overview

Recruitment Management Software for an automated and smooth hiring process

The client approached us with the need for Recruitment Management Software. The expectation was to help in bridging the gap between recruiters and candidates through online recruitment software.

The online recruitment management software should make it easy for aspiring candidates to connect with recruiters to help them get their dream job and the recruiters to find potential candidates that can meet their expectations.

The client wanted to ease out the hustle and trouble present in the recruitment process by managing the different stages of the interview process, automating the process, and tracking and arranging data in a well-organized manner .

The Concept
The Concept

Business Challenges

Business Challenges in the Path of Development

The client approached us with the need for Recruitment Management Software. The expectation was to help in bridging the gap between recruiters and candidates through online recruitment software.

  • Managing the different stages of the interview process and tasks performed by admins and recruiters like initial screening, interviews, practical assignments, etc. with proper data arrangement, tracking and retrieval mechanism.
  • Enabling the recruiters and admins to perform different recruitment tasks parallelly so that it becomes easy for the recruiters to find and onboard the most suitable candidates. The software should be able to manage and track multiple candidates and ensure that the best one is selected to reduce the devotion of a lot of attention, effort, and time.
  • Automating the recruitment process to simplify the tasks and increase the speed. The software should be able to provide a smooth journey for both the recruiter and the candidate.
  • Interviews are seldom unorganized. The recruiters face challenges like the candidates not responding, or the candidates committing and then leaving. On the other hand, the candidates might not be aware of the next stages of interviews or wait for a long time for feedback. The online recruitment management software should enable a well-organized process so that both sides can be satisfied and an uncomplicated recruitment process can be established.

The Solution

Recruitment tracking software for effective recruitment management

Considering the immense challenges of the recruitment process, TechAvidus designed a wonderful solution for efficient recruitment management

  • An automated solution for candidates and recruiters to accelerate the recruitment process and simplify the onboarding journey.
  • A recruitment tracking software that tracks potential candidates, manages contacts and stages the process has crossed and accordingly tells the next stage to the recruiters as well as to the candidates.
  • Easy and robust search mechanism for the recruiters to hunt the best candidates as per their job role.
  • The end to the endless hustle of signing endless documents and filling out multiple forms. Impress your hires by providing them with a lasting first impression with an automated onboarding process.
  • Improved hiring and onboarding process and empowerment to both the recruiter and the candidate to take better decisions
The Concept

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Key Features that Helped Build Successful App.

The recruitment management software that we built for the client has some fantastic features that include:

React Native
    For Recruiters
  • Assist recruiters in finding candidates that have the skills and capabilities as per the required profile
  • Simple and insightful dashboard
  • Subscription module for job posting
  • User account management with various options so that the recruiters can easily navigate their profiles to the potential candidates
  • Seamless job post creation, posting, and management
  • Tracking leads and converting them to hires
  • Calendar integration for scheduling interview rounds
  • Managing internal team
  • It simplifies the hiring process and saves a lot of manpower, time, and efforts via automation
    For Candidates
  • Easy and robust ways to build a strong profile and find recruiters
  • Assist candidates to find recruiters that can connect them with their dream jobs.
  • User Account management facilities
  • Setup for career preferences of the candidates
React Native

The Work

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