Fleet Management System

The Concept

Handling the growing demand for transport vehicles along with other industry challenges such as driver shortages, rising fuel prices, industry regulations etc. has produced the need for an efficient fleet management system. With the help of fleet management tracking system, all the data can be accessed from a central place to gain insights. By leveraging the key metrics, the overall productivity of the industry can be enhanced and taken to the next level.

The Challenges

A client approached TechAvidus with the requirement of an online fleet management software. The fleet management tracking system had to be designed in such a way that the user can book a particular vehicle for the desired date and time. Converting the not-so-clear requirements into a multi-functional fleet management system by leveraging the most suitable and robust technologies was indeed a challenge for the team.

The Solution

With its expert team, TechAvidus built a robust fleet management system. A simplified solution for instant searching and booking of the vehicle is now a reality. Along with this, the fleet management system consists of multiple functionalities related to vehicle usage, fuel usage, and driver behavior. The vehicle management system provides an exorbitant ROI.


The fleet management tracking system developed by the proficient team of TechAvidus consists of the following useful features.

User side

  • A user can filter the vehicles based on needs
  • User can also book a single vehicle for consecutive days

Admin module

  • The admin user provides the master data to the system
  • Generation, viewing and storing of reports
  • Fleet management and on-time booking of vehicles

User manager

  • User manager is responsible for approving user of any vehicle
  • Booking can be confirmed only when the user manager gives the approval

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