College Planning Software

The Concept

The client's vision was to develop a system that would guide students and their parents to get admission in one of the best colleges, based on the area of interest. One can easily be misled without any distinct methodology in this digital era. So, TechAvidus came up with a multi-user college planning software that includes various features like college admissions, funding, and financial aid planning needs.

The client also wanted us to rebuild their existing application using the latest technologies and add essential features. With our college planning app, students and parents will find the right college without sacrificing their financial goals.

The Challenges

The biggest challenge in this college planning software development was to create a multi-user system. The client requirement specs included managing various user roles like admin, parents, students, and advisors. TechAvidus accomplished the challenge by keeping a high level of confidentiality of data of each user type.

The Solution

TechAvidus is pleased to provide pioneering college planning software to students, parents, admin, and advisors to offer an edge in the whole college admission procedure. Aiming towards getting admission into the dream college of students' choice, we have developed the college planning App that helps parents get guidance about finances required to pay fees. All the students and parents will get complete guidance for getting admissions into college and thorough planning and procedures.

Besides adopting a comprehensive approach to aid the students, we have utilized the latest technology that simplifies the overall organization and communication.

Major Benefits

Student/Children Management Dashboard

  • It will let you access individual students' necessary data anytime, anywhere, such as admissions, fees, subjects, and parents' contact details. You can get centralized control over different aspects from the dashboard.

Scholarship Details Management

  • It will enable the applicants to assess possibilities and apply for various scholarships online.

Financial Management

  • Suggest best financial aid, keeping in mind cash flow, tax savings, expenses, and investment strategies that can probably save parents thousands of dollars on their child’s college education.

Exam Preparation Module

  • This personalized exam learning and preparation module aid students to make exam preparation simpler & easygoing. It will preserve the complete workflow for building, providing, and managing exam preparation.

Collage Planning Dashboard

  • Explore data related to colleges that comprise information about admissions, enrolment numbers, degrees, professors & staff, student experiences, and college finances.

The Features

Multi-User System (Parent, Student, Advisor, Admin)

  • Centralized user management system
  • Well defined roles with distinct privileges to each kind of users such as Parent, Student, Advisor, and Admin

Coaching Planning

  • Guides to enroll appropriate coaching classes in case student requires external aid for entrance exam preparations

Exam Preparation Material

  • Even provides study material for entrance examinations

Exam Module (Some college might be taking entrance exams for admission so help in planning for the same)

  • Guide students about entrance examinations conducted by various colleges for admissions.
  • It helps lay the plan of exam preparation

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