Computerized Maintenance Management System

The Challenge

The CMMS software serves to simplify equipment, property, and asset maintenance but also management activity through the implementation of a robust central database.

The CMMS solutions which we provide covers up following.

  • Work order / Work Request / Work Permit management
  • Project Management
  • Mobile Work Management
  • Real-time notifications and alerts
  • Monitor costs and view reports
  • Access customer data anytime, anywhere

TechAvidus created powerful real estate marketing and sales solution with the following major features

Asset Module

  • Capture asset nameplate information
  • Track purchase information and straight depreciation
  • Create fields for specific asset details
  • Displays work order costs for each asset
  • Track movement of assets

Location Module

  • Capture location data
  • Displays work order details & cost by location
  • Enables work order to be assigned to location for civil structure works
  • Capture all assets belonging to a particular location
  • Multiple sites functionality

Work Order Module

  • Track who, what, where, why, when and how of each maintenance work
  • Track employees hours and cost of each work
  • Allows re-open of work order
  • Allows prioritizing and categorizing work for easy planning
  • Allows attachment of safety instruction or job plan


  • Track spares and consumables receipts, issues and returns
  • Track adjustments to stock counts due to expiration and obsolescence
  • Track costs based on standard and average costs
  • Issue spares from work order module
  • Track reorder, min, and max level for each spare


  • Generate purchase orders
  • Track information on goods or services received
  • Track information on orders, purchases and receipt
  • Track purchase order by vendor and requester Support Multiple currencies
  • Support Multiple currencies

Meters (Inspections)

  • Record inspection information for operational and statutory requirements
  • Generate mitigating work orders when readings are outside threshold bands
  • Generate mitigating work orders when incremental limits are reached
  • Scheduling by meter or time
  • Accommodate multiple meters or time scheduling segregations

Preventive Maintenance Module

  • Schedule time-based work orders based on scheduled or actual completion
  • Schedule preventive work orders
  • Accommodate multiple time scheduling segregations
  • Schedule different scheduling frequencies types
  • Multiple sites functionality

Employee Module

  • Capture employee details & rates.
  • Track employee hours and costs by work orders
  • Multiple sites functionality

Service Request

  • Track internal requests separately from work orders
  • Separate application module for installation on terminals in the local area network
  • Raise work orders from the work requests
  • View work orders status from work requests
  • Multiple sites functionality


  • Suite of reports (higher versions contain more reporting formats)
  • Use MS Access report wizards for easy report writing (source code versions only)
  • Fast screen based filter and search list reports for fast reporting
  • Hyperlink to any document within the network
  • Integrates MS Excel for easy report writing on a familiar platform

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