CRM Software for Manufacturing Industry

The Concept

Different verticals have to be taken care of for the Manufacturing industry. From material and inventory management to shipping and taxes, each process holds valuable importance. If managed manually, the process can be extremely complex, along with huge risks. The industry faces several challenges- ever-increasing regulations, lack of integration between business and supply chain, rising operational costs, and increasingly demanding customers. There’s where the paramount significance of customer relationship management applications lie. Online customer relationship management apps ensure client-satisfaction with a proper track and analysis of the business.

The Challenges

The team of TechAvidus got yet another chance to exhibit its proficiency in Online customer relationship management services. After an in-depth analysis of the requirements of the client who approached us with a vision of CRM software for the manufacturing industry, we laid out the demands and challenges in the path. The client majorly dealt with metal products providing custom metal cut services. These included receiving a blueprint from the client that would be a drawing in AutoCAD format. The proposed system would read the AutoCAD file, including the measurements and dimensions and generate an image from the data. The desired CRM software for the manufacturing industry would allow the clients to select the metal type and sizes. Based on the selection, generate the final quotation. Building a go-to-market solution with a vague idea and transforming the wishes of the client into a software application that gives the expected result was a big challenge in itself.

The Solution

TechAvidus by leveraging the top technologies and frameworks in the domain of Online customer relationship management created a robust solution to ease customer relationship management for the manufacturing industry. This powerful application consisted of the following brilliant features.


  • A Multi-tenant system for the manufacturing client
  • Ability to create clients
  • Easy defining of the machine process flow for clarity
  • Reading the AutoCAD file and depicting the details of the metal
  • Customer, supplier and partner support management
  • Complete sales, support and shipping history
  • Central storage
  • Tracking and alert integration

If you are looking for building customized CRM software for the manufacturing industry or any other sector, we possess the real potential to turn your imagination into reality.

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