Businesses across all industries carry out different surveys to reveal solutions to their particular queries. These queries cover multiple topics and can be asked in various formats. To manage this data online, there are numerous Online Survey Software developed and delivered by Survey System Software Solution providers.  So, let’s understand how the survey and Survey Management Software will support various industries.

What is a Survey?

A survey is a method of research that is used to collect data/information on different topics of interest from a specified group of people. Surveys have multiple purposes and can be conducted in different ways. The attributes of surveys attempt to describe the characteristics and experiences of small/large populations

What are the types of Surveys?

  1. Market Research Survey:
    • Do you need to find out about customer inclinations for a product/service?
    • Do you need to assimilate information about the demand for the product you are about to launch?
    • Do you need to collect feedback regarding the quality, and popularity of your product from your target audience?
    • If you answered yes to any of the above questions, a Market Research survey is all you need.
  2. Employee Satisfaction Survey: It's a satisfaction survey that you can use in your organization to discover whether employees are comfortable and satisfied with the work environment or not. Employees need to give their feedback about the company, and if it delivers positive results, it means there is a strong team spirit, and employees are motivated. It is essential to maintain anonymity about each feedback from the employee.
  3. Job Satisfaction Survey: This survey contains an employee’s personal views to check out the level of satisfaction they have with their job. It tries to answer questions like:
    • How likely are they looking for another job?
    • Do they feel proud to work for the company?
    • Is the work they are delivering to the company meaningful to them?

        Note, that this can directly influence employee morale.

  1. Exit Interview Survey: If you need to discover why people are leaving your firm, the Exit Interview Survey will aid you a lot. There are multiple reasons why people leave:
    • lack of opportunity for growth
    • clashes with management or other employees
    • additional remuneration etc.

This systematic exit interview will help you to identify why loyal employees choose to quit the job.

  1. Customer Satisfaction Survey: It’s the kind of survey that you must have encountered in several instances like online shopping, supermarkets, or a newly opened eatery nearby. This survey will help you discover the level of satisfaction a customer has with the product/service you have delivered. Feedback from such reviews has eventually contributed to increasing sales.
  1. Brand Awareness Survey: This survey helps you to evaluate the awareness of your brand (Company name, logo, what your brand stands for) among your target audience. With your market research data along with key demographic data, this survey supports a detailed analysis of how people are viewing your brand and how you can enhance brand awareness among the target audience.
  1. Training Evaluation Survey: This survey provides a learner's perception of how the training helped them to attain their objectives. It tells how effective was the training program for them. The quality of the training, the performance of the presenter, and much more can be identified by using the training evaluation form. One more upside is that even the instructor can make use of the feedback to improvise the upcoming sessions.
  1. Event Evaluation Survey: This survey will help you to measure the success of an event organized by your company, may it be for a festivity or business. You’ll come to know whether attendees are pleased with the venue, catering, and programs or not. Even the favorite aspect of the event can be evaluated with the Event Evaluation Survey.
  1. Lead Generation Survey: If you want to grow your business with new leads, this survey is the most valuable one. This survey, gathers contextual information about your target audience as well as some preferences of people who are curious about your services/products. This process will help you to optimize your interaction with them and will ultimately boost your revenue generation.           

How can online surveys help businesses?

Surveys help to accumulate essential feedback for the development of a product. 

  • As compared to other data collection methods, surveys comparatively cost less. It is a research method that helps make futuristic marketing decisions, as it collects large volumes of data.
  • Sales staff can use a small business survey to collect customer data that aid in solving various marketing objectives.
  • Not only does the survey help to boost sales, but it also aids in monitoring customer experience after purchase to enhance business methods.
  • Surveys in the form of Fun Quizzes can aid your business with lead generation, or boost customer engagement.  A quiz is the most underrated form of inquiry, but it turns out to be one of the most effective ones.

What is online survey management software?

Online survey system software is a tool used to collect specific feedback. It provides you with factual information via online surveys and forms which come in multiple ways. With the use of online survey software organizations are becoming more customer-centric and feedback-driven which ultimately helps them to accomplish their key objectives. Most of the survey software solutions help you to design, send, and analyze surveys through the internet with drag-and-drop tools as well as automated functionality. 

What are the top benefits of online survey management software?


  • Cost-Effective: With the use of online surveys you can decrease the set-up and administration expenses. There is no cost for paper, printing as well as postage. No need to enter gathered data into the database manually.
  • Saves Time: Online survey saves a lot of time and effort with quick and real-time results. You can quickly generate, administer, collect and analyze surveys and begin with the development of actionable solutions.
  • Customizable: Businesses can promptly develop a variety of customized surveys that are suited to their targeted public. There is also good flexibility when it comes to the questions that can be asked. A web-based system enables skip navigation through which respondents can skip questions where they do not have any viewpoint.
  • Fast Data Collection: Online Survey management software analyzes the data at the time a respondent concludes the survey. You can directly analyze the feedback and start taking action in favor of your business growth.
  • More Accuracy: Information gathered through online surveys is proven to deliver more accuracy. Responses are entered straight into the online database without any need for a middle person who enters data manually. So, there is a much smaller room for error.
  • Easy to Use: Online survey software is very simple to understand for those who do not have any experience with the system before. Whether it’s a detailed survey or a basic survey, both can be generated promptly via an easy step-by-step guide.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics: With great accuracy and convenience data can be presented in a wide variety of graphs and tables. You can also filter the data to get an in-depth idea of the results. As the data is uploaded on the go, you can carry out analysis throughout the whole duration of the research project.

What are the top features of survey management software?

  • Survey builders: use drag-and-drop interface and tools for layout & design, question morphing, versioning, and preview. Survey builder lays down the front-end look and provides the function of the survey.
  • Question conditions: helps to format style, shuffle questions, or create choices. There is also a feature of a timer and images/videos for making questions more interactive.
  • Answer condition: offers piping/looping dynamics, options to show/hide questions, etc. There is also a feature of preset answers with condition-based triggers that customize the survey.
  • Scoring algorithms: automated scoring algorithms accelerate the process of collecting feedback and bring about better insights.
  • Survey templates: professionally designed themes and templates will help to generate a survey quickly and with a great look and feel.
  • Email invitation: Personalized email to the questionnaire is an essential part of a standard survey solution. Invite to the survey is, at times, also merged with third-party applications.
  • Multimedia: the feature enables images, videos, and graphics used for engaging questionnaires giving a fantastic user experience.
  • Response management: tracks individual respondents and how they responded.
  • Data analysis: standard data analysis represents basic summaries. More advanced analytics are capable of performing filtering, cross-tabulation, and other statistical observations.
  • White-label: with this feature, you can create an interface with your brand logo and colors to give a personalized and appealing look to your survey.
  • Multilingual support: it lets you conduct surveys in global markets with the facility of a spell-checker for every language and an auto-detect tool that sets the questionnaire to the respondent’s default language.


With all the advantages and features, online survey management system software has become one of the most significant marketing as well as a feedback tools for an enterprise. With its use, you can serve your customers with improved solutions/services, and it will ultimately boost the proficiency of the organization.

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