In simplest terms, developing Enterprise applications is a process to design and build websites and applications for mid-to-large scale businesses. The services under enterprise web application development are a collection of services like enterprise-oriented websites, large-scale business supporting web applications, and enterprise software development. In this fast-paced digital transformation era, every enterprise needs a digital presence in terms of websites and web applications to take care of daily business processes. Companies have to take the assistance of technology to take care of the needs of a growing business.

Entrepreneurs are usually confused about when it is the right time to adapt to new software

or upgrade the website, etc. The main question that they have is, does their enterprise need it? Before we analyze the why and the when part, let’s understand enterprise web application development.

What is enterprise web application development?


  • Enterprise website

The main thing to understand around enterprise websites is that it is essentially very different from regular websites. Enterprise websites also represent your website, enable your online presence, and help you reach a wider audience. These websites have various tools and functionalities to build a unique content management system and is known as Enterprise Content Management


  • Enterprise Web Application

Web applications that assist in handling the internal and external operations of a company are enterprise web applications. These web applications can meet the needs of the digital world by shifting the gear of digital transformation. When it comes to enterprise-oriented web applications, they are spread in a wide range and consist of simple chat applications for the inter-departmental communication channel to large applications like that can manage external services like ERP, CRM, etc. 


  • Enterprise Software development

Enterprise software comes into the picture when the requirement is limited to internal use only. This software is not facing third-party entities like consumers, vendors, agents, etc. Enterprise software development is necessary as it helps in streamlining day-to-day operations like accounting, record-keeping, project management, automation, etc. complexity and size of the application usually depends on:

- Size of the company

- Complexity of the application

- Process, the organizations, aims to automize with the use of this software


Enterprise-level web application development process

It is essential that one follows an organized and apt process for enterprise web application development. The well-defined steps of this process are as follows:

  • Digging on the audience, target or end-user

The foremost step is to recognize and decide what kind of audience would be witnessing the application, the goal that needs to be achieved with the application, and who would be the system's end-user. 

  • Composing a document for features specifications

It is framing the scope of work document that enlists all the essential details like kinds of users/roles, rights of each type of user, functional requirements, process flow, features, etc.

  • Setting up technological expectations of the software

Analyze and recognize the best technology stack ideal for the application, based on usage and latest market trends. It is vital to use the latest technology stack to be up-to-date. 

  • Selecting third-party APIs for integration

Analyze the need for third-party tools like payment gateway, email/SMS communicative APIs, etc. Integrating third-party APIs when the best solutions are already available saves time and effort. Choosing the apt third-party tool is essential. 

  • Planning for the visual designs & constructing wireframing

Planning visual designs and developing the wireframes to start with giving an overall idea of the look and feel of the application. The wireframe phase is also advantageous for clearing the scope of the application. Visuals would provide a clear picture if essential things were missed out on in the previous stages. 

  •  Setting up the database structure

Establishing a database structure at the beginning of development is essential and needs to be carried out with utmost care.

  •  Quality assurance & testing

Testing the application is, of course, an integral part of the application development process. There's a whole branch of software development that is systematically built for testing applications inside out. 

  •  Deploying the output and maintaining it timely manner

Deploying the application is the last but not the least step that needs to be carried out. Recommending an ideal hosting scenario and deploying the application likewise is of the foremost importance. 


Which features are required to make an enterprise application?


  • Extensible 

The extensibility of a website or web application talks about its capacity to handle workload and resources along with increased demands of the business with time. Things should not come at a standstill and if the company requires adding some new feature or module. The application should be easily modified or upgraded.


  •  Scalable

A web application is said to be scalable if it can tackle excess resources and workload; while not disturbing the performance or structure of the site.


  • Performance-Oriented

A high-performing website and application mean everything. Ultimately technology has to make lives more straightforward and faster. No use would like to sit and wait for a slow responding application.


  • Extremely Secure

A modern web application needs to be hack-free. The following things can be put into practice to take care of security concerns:

- Number of plugins to be used should be kept to a minimum

- Choose trustworthy hoisting environments

- Coding modifications to be implemented to avoid possible vulnerabilities


  • User-Friendly

Daily used applications must be easy to use. There are a few simple things that must be implemented to ensure that the output product is user-friendly.


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