In this day and age, the development of web apps has become an essential task owing to modern technologies. With an engaging community that grows and learns together, web app development has become an upbeat phenomenon, and AngularJS is the perfect framework for the front-end developers. This framework has revolutionized the web-development domain, and the advantages of AngularJS have transcended any frameworks that came before it.


What is AngularJS Framework?


AngularJS framework, introduced by Google, is an open-source web framework that extends the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS capabilities. It’s a framework famed for dynamic web applications. Its data binding and dependency injection reduce the amount of code one currently has to write. AngularJS supports multiple platforms seamlessly; hence AngularJS framework web applications are more reliable and versatile.

When AngularJS framework was introduced, its initial purpose was to build SPAs. Though it being a magnificent tool, it has managed to break this limitation. AngularJS, constructed entirely in Typescript, has the potential to build enterprise applications. It has an array of useful tools like advanced refactoring, navigation features, and auto-completion.

To get an actual idea of how handy does AngularJS comes with any dynamic application, let’s see some examples of popular apps that make use AngularJS:

examples of popular apps
  • The incredible video streaming app, Netflix is built using AngularJS
  • Dynamic features of AngularJS are ideal for travel applications, and one such example is JetBlue’s website.
  • AngularJS comes in very handy while creating applications that offer user-generated content. One such example is This platform helps employers to connect with a talent that’s suitable for their requirements.
  • You might get awestruck after knowing that even LinkedIn uses AngularJS for all their mobile end users.


Features of AngularJS


AngularJS comes packed with powerful features for the developers, some of which are as follows:

angularJs features
  1. Two-Way Data Binding – synchronizes data between Model & View components.
  2. Dependency Injection – an inbuilt subsystem that makes designing and testing of the application easy-breezy 
  3. MVVM (Model-View-View Model) Framework –  allows separation of development of the UI, i.e., the Presentation Layer
  4. Directives – Directives are Document Object Model (DOM) elements. AngularJS has these directives in-built. For, e.g. tngModel, ngBind, etc.
  5. Routing - It’s the concept of switching views
  6. POJO Model – (Plain Old JavaScript Objects) allows object manipulation through standard JavaScript functions. It eventually makes it easy to reuse the code and maintain it.


Why Use AngularJS Framework for Web Development?


AngularJS, since its inception in 2012, has played a significant role in web development and has also witnessed several new features integrated into it. Being one of the most versatile frameworks for front-end developers, here are some of the critical reasons why AngularJS Framework should be used for web development:

  1. It is Open Source
    Being an open-source framework, AngularJS provides developers with a myriad of features and integration capabilities. Moreover, it is a cross-browser compliant framework. Thus, the developers don’t have to worry about developing scripts again and again in different browsers. In addition to this, it offers developers the convenience to leverage it effectively while providing easy updates.
  2. Active and Engaging Community
    The development of AngularJS is primarily taken care of by Google. This fact significantly elevates the stature of this framework over other JS frameworks. Experts from Google are regularly updating and engaging with the community to elaborate on the new updates and various features of this framework.
  3. SPA Oriented
    SPAs are the most popular AngularJS framework web applications. SPAs and AngularJS work together side by side to significantly uplift the UI of the web application users. As AngularJS comes with a built-in validation that takes care of the error handling process, it also serves as a validator.
  4. Enterprise-level testing
    AngularJS is self-sufficient & doesn’t demand other frameworks or plugins. Chunks of the application are placed under AngularJS modules that are easy to steer. Modular separation lets one load only the required services to perform automatic testing.
  5. Client-side solution
    AngularJS plays its role on the client side. As there is no need to modify the backend, it is safe to use AngularJS for developing the front-end of any application.
  6. Declarative Code Style
    The declarative paradigm used in AngularJS makes the code lightweight and comprehensive.


Advantages of AngularJS


While there are many AngularJS advantages to count upon, here are a few that can prove beneficial for developers:

  • MVC Designing for stitching Model, View, and Controller
  • MVVM Capabilities for developing mobile applications
  • Bi-Directional Data Binding for seamless synchronization of data
  • Declarative Coding for a more natural interpretation
  • Structural and Attribute Directives for increasing productivity


Wrapping Up


In today’s landscape, web app development has become a crucial element for almost all industries. Implementing requirements using the AngularJS framework helps developers save a lot of time and resources, and they ultimately come up with class apart applications. Are you considering AngularJS for your next web development project? Well, connect with us to delve deeper.

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