360 Degree Feedback Assessment Tool

360 Degree Feedback Assessment Tool

What Is 360 Degree Feedback?

360 Degree Feedback, also called multi-rater feedback, is a method using which employees receive their performance feedback from the people working around them, such as supervisors, managers, colleagues, subordinates, as well as customers. Self-assessment is also an essential part of 360 Degree feedback. This 360 Degree Assessment fetches information about employee’s working skills, attitude, and working relationships.

Why is 360 Degree Feedback Important?

The feedback brings awareness regarding how others perceive you at work. If the reviews received are constructive, and the employees are inclined to assimilate the same, it can work wonders. It gives you a chance to elevate your strengths and work upon your weaknesses.

360 Feedback proves to be a valuable tool as it provides a three-fold scope of improvement, i.e., at the level of personal growth, team development, and organizational growth. It aligns the track of personal growth with that of the organization's goals.

What is a 360 Degree Assessment Tool?

360 Degree Assessment tool is a software platform that makes the feedback process seamless. Features like online surveys, customizable questionnaires, intuitive feedback reports, and email templates have made the use of such tools hassle-free.

Online surveys use 360 Degree Assessment Tools to provide precise feedback reports along with the control to fully customize feedback questionnaires, reports as well as email templates.

Benefits of the 360 Degree Assessment Tool

  • It provides feedback from all the stakeholders and also has an element of self-assessment, thereby giving an accurate picture of employee appraisal.
  • Employees get a better understanding of their performance as they can see how different groups see their work.
  • It encourages openness among employees by materializing as a starting point of a dialogue.
  • 360 Degree Assessment Tools are incredibly flexible as it is used in the onboarding activities for new employees, appraisals, promoting work environment, and in areas focusing on futuristic development.
  • An organization is benefited by feedback as it improves planning regarding an employee's career development. Feedback boosts an organization's efforts on employee development, which eases new recruitment and employee retention.
  • With the usage of employee engagement surveys, a clear message is conveyed that employee satisfaction is an integral part of company values.

How 360 Degree Assessment Tool is Helpful to Businesses?

  • Lists out employee feedback from multiple sources.
  • Enhancing communication, it braces team efforts and accountability.
  • Feedback provides information about key focus areas of career development.
  • Discovers organizational training needs.


We help businesses worldwide to develop a 360 Degree Assessment Tool that employees will love to use. Our solutions make it easy to retrieve and analyze the feedback provided. If you are looking to develop an Easy-To-Use assessment tool, contact us and find out how it influences your business.

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