What is organization culture?

Every human being has certain personality traits which help them stand apart from the crowd. No two individuals behave in a similar way. In the same way organizations have certain values, policies, rules and guidelines which help them create an image of their own.

Organization culture refers to the beliefs and principles of a particular organization. The culture followed by the organization has a deep impact on the employees and their relationship amongst themselves.

Every organization has a unique culture making it different from the other and giving it a sense of direction. It is essential for the employees to understand the culture of their workplace to adjust well.

Culture at TechAvidus:

When sizing up a company it's nice to get a feeling for the culture. At TechAvidus we believe we've grown a culture that enables professionalism yet is able to dress itself down and enjoy life at the same time. After all, we work in a very demanding IT industry and have to take care of our health and overall wellbeing to ensure long term success for employees, TechAvidus, and clients.

TechAvidus culture shapes the workday experience of each employee. It emerges from mission, mood, values, expectations and goals of the Organization and Employees both.

 We define our culture on the basis of satisfaction level of our Employees towards their jobs and commitment towards the Organization.

TechAvidus’ culture is a concept that is easier to experience than to describe, we decided to turn towards the Employees who have already said it best. They each capture something profound in a concise and meaningful way.

The TechAvidus culture brings all the employees on a common platform. The employees are treated equally and no one should feel neglected or left out at the workplace. TechAvidus provide the best culture for the employees with which they can adjust well and deliver their level best.

It is the only culture of the TechAvidus which extracts the best out of each team member.

We believe that the culture develops a habit in the individuals which makes them successful at the workplace and also helps in successfully accomplish the goal of the organization.

At TechAvidus, culture is not just about ping pong and free snacks, it goes much deeper than that.

Few forms that defines the Culture of TechAvidus are:

  1. Dynamic and Open
  2. Transparent
  3. Clan Culture
  4. Adaptive
  5. Fun loving
  • Dynamic and Open: TechAvidus’ culture is built and nurtured carefully which is the key to its long-term success. TechAvidus believe that, a culture that is open and dynamic goes a long way in connecting with employees and fostering a rapport with them.
  • Transparent: TechAvidus has created a culture of transparency, where behaviors fabricate a workplace climate that generates trust, engagement, and buy-in from employees. As employees become more transparent with one another, and hence their relationships deepen.
  • Clan Culture: TechAvidus have clan form of Culture where people have a lot in common, and it’s similar to a large family. TechAvidus is held together by loyalty and tradition. Because we know that the Success is defined within the framework of addressing the needs of the clients and caring for the people.
  • Adaptive: TechAvidus’ culture is that which provokes people to feel psychologically well, combined with the motivation to attain peak performance, stimulates the workforce to be highly successful. The result is TechAvidus characterized by commitment, trust, motivation, kinship, concentration and social engagement. These are the attributes and behaviors that make TechAvidus hugely successful.
  • Fun loving: We have fun with our whole team by going for regular days and/or nights out. TechAvidus believe that Going out together as a team is a great way to get everyone having fun and forming relationships outside of work that could inspire collaboration back in the office.

Pot Luck:  If you're on a diet you really don't want to attend this delicious festivity. Mmm. Our multicultural environment coupled with some great recipes, make this a most memorable event. Everybody makes (or buys) something.

Celebrations: TechAvidus believes that a workplace celebration brings the staff members together for one purpose: We believe that, celebration helps create a sense of team unity in our staff members. The celebrations often have a relaxed atmosphere, where colleagues are able to get to know one another beyond the work they do together. The personal connections may help the employees work together better on future projects.

Our people are the company’s biggest asset and they're what make TechAvidus’s culture so remarkable.

Think you are the remarkable type of person that would fit at TechAvidus? We're currently hiring innovative, hard-working people for our fast-growing team. Check out the current openings and apply on our Careers Page at http://www.techavidus.com/career

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