E-learning App Development

The Concept

E-learning mobile applications have emerged to become a popular form of distance learning. The online channel provides ground-breaking possibilities for people who would otherwise have restricted availability to knowledge. This type of teaching has increased in the past few years and has seen mainstream acceptance, so does e-learning app development.

By considering the importance of e-learning, our client was looking to develop e-learning mobile app that aids teachers connect with the students remotely. The client wanted to make student-teacher communication smooth enough so that the learning experience would be hassle-free.

The Challenges

A significant challenge we faced throughout the e-learning mobile app development was implementing the chat functionality. The idea was to develop a multi-user chat functionality that would ease the communication between students, teachers, parents, and other school staff. It was also quite tricky to develop a chat feature that helps students get the personalized attention they need to clarify their concerns regarding a particular course. Our developers grabbed the challenge and designed this functionality.

The Solution

With the genuine efforts of TechAvidus in the development of e-learning mobile app, the client now has an e-learning application that enables students to connect with teachers via a virtual classroom, access the course quiz, have in-app chat functionality, etc.

Knowing that distance learning is the future of education, we developed a video-conferencing feature in the E-learning mobile application that adds a layer of comfort for both students and teachers. We also embedded online student attendance tracking that delivers a simple and convenient way to track students' attendance.

The Benefits

Live Training (Teach from anywhere)

  • Facilitate educators to arrange and track live training activities like classroom training, team meetings, group sessions, virtual remote training, and much more.

24/7 accessibility to educational content

  • Enable students to access their favorite courses’ materials and content at any time through 24/7 accessibility and access from any corner of the world.

Real-time analytic

  • Educators can manage their courses with real-time data feeds and communicate at the very moment. Teachers & students can improve their teaching & learning experiences using data analytics.

Course management

  • Help teachers as well as institutions to handle different courses with plenty of students and various educational materials.

Role-based dashboards

  • Enable to create, configure and manage dashboards based on different roles.

Real-time notifications (Customizable)

  • Customized, real-time push notifications to send instant messages to respective learners and specified groups that easily engage and motivate them.

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