Integrate chatbots into customer service

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How to Integrate Chatbots Into Customer Service

A robust customer service team can add a lot of value to your organization. From a customer service phone line to e-mail support, there are many different avenues to tackle supporting your customers, including artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence in customer support takes the form of chatbots. They provide an easy way for businesses to reduce friction, which is any element that slows down the customer's journey.

Here are three other reasons for integrating chatbots into customer support

  1. Lean Towards Consumer Preferences
    The rise in chatbots as a form of customer service represents a shift towards the preferences of the customer. Live chatbots tend to be a faster source of customer service, and a recent study suggests that 60% of individuals hate waiting more than 60 seconds to receive support.
    Other more traditional channels such as e-mail do not offer this kind of speed. The same study found that 54% of consumers preferred live messaging over e-mail for support scenarios.
  2. Provide 24/7 Support
    While some consumers may prefer to speak to a human being to get customer support, employing someone to answer phones around the clock is not a sustainable business model. With a chatbot, your team can provide service to consumers even after the office closes for the day. Customers can ask questions and receive answers at all hours of the day. Being able to answer these questions at the time a consumer is looking to make a purchase can be the difference between making the sale or losing it. The chatbot can also assist customers if there are any issues with the website.

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  3. Direct Customers to Humans
    A chatbot can quickly provide answers to questions. Straightforward questions are easily answerable for a bot, especially as the bot learns from past transactions.However, there are certain instances in which human contact is preferable to a chatbot. A chatbot can be built to recognize the difference between interactions that require a quick response and ones that would be best answered through a phone call. The bot can then offer to schedule a call with a customer service agent.Chatbots can also be prepared to respond to keywords such as “human” to then direct the customer to a human support agent.

Choose a Specialist to Implement Your Chatbot

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Integrate chatbots into customer service

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