The top development companies can excel in their development services today because of the right team of talent. Full-stack developers are one of the most crucial parts of this team. Full-Stack developers are the people who drive the development process of a technical product by working and crafting both front-end and back-end solutions. If you are a web development company looking to hire a dedicated full-stack developer, you must know the required skill-set to make the right choice.

Here, we will understand more about full-stack developers, their skills, and the benefits of hiring them.

Who is a Full Stack Developer??


To put it simply, a full-stack developer is a technical all-rounder. They have command over the tools and technologies required both in front-end development and in back-end development. They can code for the front side (the interface that makes the visual side of the platform) and the back-end (aspects that contain integration, navigation, etc.)

In a software development lifecycle, there are different layers of development. It includes playing with databases, building the outer look of the product, integrating with third-party platforms, etc. There are dedicated resources that are hired for each of these tasks. But if you hire a full-stack web developer, you will have one resource doing all this. A full-stack developer brings considerable benefits to any software development company. Though no developer can be an expert for all aspects of a code, a full stack developer can have most of it. 

Reasons to Hire a Remote Full Stack Developer


There are some top reasons to hire a remote full-stack developer. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Ability to manage multiple tasks

Unlike a front-end developer who can only build the front side of an application or a back-end developer who can only code the functionalities in the back end, they can work on both if you hire a dedicated full stack developer. Full-stack developers have a comprehensive knowledge of various tools and frameworks used in front-end development and back-end development which can help significantly in building secure, robots and reliable solutions. 


  1. Selecting the right stack

Sticking to hiring a MEAN stack developer or a MERN stack developer will tell you only those technologies that apply to respective stacks. On the contrary, if you hire full-stack web developers, they will tell you about the technologies that will suit your project in the right way, understanding the project's requirements, scope, functionalities, and scalability. 


  1. Higher ROI

Hiring remote full-stack developers eliminate the need for multiple developers. It not only does a cost-cutting but since a dedicated team of full-stack developers is building the project, the risk of mistakes by working with numerous developers is removed. In the long term, this helps boost the ROI, reusability of efforts, and trimming the need for workforce and knowledge transfer.


Skills Required to Hire a Remote Full Stack Developer


If you are looking to hire a dedicated full-stack developer, then there are specific skills that you should check out. These include:


HTML/CSS help in building the structure and front-side of the application. A full-stack developer must know how to leverage this to create an intuitive front-end for various applications. At the same time, they should know about the recent trends in these technologies.

  1. Javascript

Javascript is responsible for building the functionalities of a web platform. A full-stack developer must know this to set the behavior of an application or a website. JSON and DOM are two skillsets that add additional advantages above javascript.

  1. Back-end languages

A full-stack developer must know two or more of the below languages:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Java
  1. Database, HTTP, and REST

Databases are very crucial as they help in storing data. Some databases that are frequently used are SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL. HTTP helps in communication between client and server, and REST provides a mechanism for carrying out functions on data.

  1. Soft skills

While looking to hire a remote full stack developer, check for the developer's communication skills and team spirit. Time management, patient, and work ethics are essential for an excellent full-stack developer.


Benefits of Hiring a Remote Full Stack Developer


There are immense benefits to hire a full-stack web developer.

  • Knowledge of both front-end development and back-end development
  • Support in designing, developing, testing, and maintenance
  • Ease in taking charge and project responsibility
  • Fast and timely delivery of project
  • Less dependence on one another and outside sources
  • Fast troubleshooting of issues
  • Budget-friendly



As you can see that there are significant advantages of hiring full-stack developers. You can save a lot of time, effort, and money if you hire dedicated full-stack developers as they can offer all-inclusive work.

If you need more information or some of the best full-stack developers in the market, contact us now!


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