What is an Employee Pulse Survey?

An employee pulse survey is an employee feedback system that is short, simple, & target-based. It is designed on purpose to be done periodically (weekly or every few weeks). Employee pulse survey tools are often used by organizations to measure their overall performance. Such survey tools help to identify the ‘health’ of an organization by assessing employee satisfaction, work environment, communication, etc.

How will Employee Pulse Survey enhance Employee Engagement?

  • Enhance company culture: A more joyful and confident culture is generated in an organization that is an emphasis on listening to their employees. Pulse surveys can be implemented anonymously and help to drive purposeful communications and decisions.
  • Improve engagement rates & better data: Periodic feedback from your workforce urges positive employee engagement. Pulse surveys pay attention to specified topics reaching out to the right audience. Pulse surveys work great when embedded with the company’s existing processes.
  • Decrease or prevent culture concerns: Employee pulse surveys help you to identify any organizational matters before it erupts and provides the best possibilities for improvement. Pulse Survey facilitates you to figure out and address your company’s hidden truths, so you can continue to work around developing a healthy culture.
  • Build and boost employee trust: As pulse surveys empower the workforce to share their views, it eventually boosts the trust level. It conveys to the employees that management cares and is prepared to transform.
  • Cost savvy: As pulse surveys are short and comfortable, it just takes a couple of minutes from employees' time. There are multiple hidden financial advantages when it comes to implementing pulse surveys.
  • Evaluate the impact of changes in time: Employee Pulse Survey tools assure a persistent feedback collection and effectively discover factors that are earlier unknown to leadership.

Benefits of having Engaged Employees

  • Increased employee engagement leads to enhanced productivity.
  • Engaged employees will eventually lead to satisfied customers.
  • Engaged employees perform at the next pedestal with increased enthusiasm, which      leads to creativity at the workplace.
  • Boost profitability rates

How employee pulse survey tools help your business?

  • Real-time insights enable better decision making
  • Asses the company’s health and employee experience
  • Identify workforce needs and understand it
  • Gather ongoing feedback from the staff about particular projects
  • Delivers useful employee insights
  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Allows to take swift and consistent employee feedback
  • Generates a positive organizational culture
  • Track progress on HR efforts like inclusiveness
  • Decrease employee turnover and save recruitment expenses
  • Get meaningful feedback within a short period
  • Enhance workforce spirit and the team’s attitude

Wrapping Up

Want to transform the feedback into functional tool for your organization? Want to develop employee survey tools embedded with powerful features? Talk to our expert. Uncover how we strengthen marketing, product as well as HR teams with actionable data on a robust platform.

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