Choosing an apt sales strategy or a perfect marketing tool for your team is a grueling task. It can't be taken lightly as team performance, and eventually, the business's well-being depends on it. The tool you choose has to be EXEMPLARY & something that chimes in with your unique business flow. Let's understand the basics of CRM and the need to build a custom real estate CRM.


What is a CRM software?

Of course, we know that CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. It is plain logic that a business needs to organize its interactions with its customers. CRM does not only mean a tool or software, but it is also a process or a strategy that helps organizations compile & access customer data.

Real Estate CRM software is an implementation that allows a team to:

  • Keeping track of sales-related activities
  • Prioritizing opportunities
  • Connects all the steps of customer interaction like marketing, sales, customer services, etc.
  • Gives customers a seamless & unique buying experience.


What does CRM stand for in Real Estate?

The real estate domain has a specific business flow, kinds of users, a few different sales activities like on-site visits, etc. Hence the field seeks a custom real estate CRM of its kind.

Real estate CRM software must be designed, keeping in mind that leads in this domain come from various sources like listing sites, social media, offline references, etc. CRM software for real estate agents is essential to manage tech-savvy customers efficiently. Your team of agents will need a tool that would assist in nurturing potential customers with apt and timely inputs. For the real estate domain, real estate agents’ software is necessary.

A well-crafted Real Estate CRM records leads from all the mediums like company website, MLS, social media, real estate marketplaces, etc. It helps you observe the likes and dislikes of the prospect by following their activities. The tool allows you to engage with all the potential buyers & tenants in timely interactions. The software will enable the management of a vast team of agents by distributing equal leads and maintaining records of all the online and field activities.


Key Features of the Real Estate CRMs

  • Contact Management and Segmentation

Contact management is an essential part of any CRM software for real estate agents, but some ace in presenting this feature. CRM must allow users to organize the contacts in a well-structured manner to ensure an apt approach for each contact.

A standard CRM should always allow you to create various categories based on which you can customize each contact segment's approach.

  •  Lead Nurturing

The significance of nurturing a long-term relationship with the people you are trying to serve is known to all. CRM should have capabilities to ensure that no lead is left out from the past and the present and let you automate follow-ups through text, emails, or calls. A good CRM will always notify you if you lost touch with any lead.

  • Lead Filtering to Identifying High-Value Clients

It is very convenient when CRM has the features to assign scores to leads and identify high-value leads for you. Lead scores are assigned based on lead actions & behavior, such as clicking on the links you shared or visiting your real estate website. Lead actions indicate the magnitude of individuals' interest in the services you have to offer.

The scores will help you prioritize the accounts, which will earn you big bucks.

  • Email Management

It won’t be wrong to say that email is the preferred communication medium these days. Email management is not only hassle-free but also provides informative analytics about the recipients. Hence, robust email management is a catch of a high-performing real estate agent’s software CRM to track lead engagement and leverage email tracking.

  • Mobile Support

As the real-estate domain involves a lot of agents’ time on the field, one must go with a CRM that has mobile support. A CRM mobile app that allows seamless lead engagement will help you close deals on the go. Moreover, the notes you enter on your mobile app will automatically sync with the desktop CRM view, so that’s one less thing you have to worry about.

  • Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is required because it reduces the duplication of the agents' efforts, and that's a huge time saver that eventually boosts productivity.


Benefits of Having CRM Software for Your Real Estate Business

  • Managing Time

When it comes to sales, timing is essential. The faster you respond to an inquiry, the higher the chance to connect with a lead. An efficient CRM allows you to automate responses based on actions taken by clients, even when you are physically not available to respond.

  • Managing Customer Queries

Using an efficient Real estate CRM ensures that agents do not lose out on a single lead. CRM will record every lead irrespective of its sources like social media, website, marketing campaigns, digital and traditional ads, real estate marketplaces, etc.

  • Customize Lead Quality Criteria

Lead quality criteria are something that varies from business to business and is different for every salesperson. In an industry with a massive pool of leads from various sources, it is vital to set criteria for filtering out quality leads. This way the time and efforts can be diverted in the right direction and profits can be maximized.

  • Converting Leads into Sales

With the sales team always being on the run, the CRM must help in the following ways:
 - automate redundant tasks

 - automate notification of essential tasks on a timely basis

 A seamless sales cycle will help the team to convert leads into sales.

  • Adding Value to Sales Pitches

CRM features like analytics, and notifying customer activities to help the agent to customize and enhance the sales pitch.

  • In-depth Analytics

A good real estate CRM always gives you a complete performance analysis, whether it’s a lead or an agent performance, or a property. Based on the analysis, it allows you to bring changes in the strategy if performance indicators are highlighted as poor.


Final Word

We know that incorporating a customized CRM tool for a real estate company is an uphill task. But we can ensure that we make this journey for you very easy and fruitful. So, are you ready to clear out those clouds of confusion and witness high high-performing team of agents? 

 If yes, Contact Us to book an appointment.

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