When estimating the cost of designing an app, it is essential to determine the number of screens, decide whether you'd like to create a custom or native design, and think about various other aspects.

Statista declares that in the first quarter, about 28.3 billion downloaded apps from the Play store and 8.5 billion downloaded from the App Store. These figures show the staggering popularity and development of the mobile application market.

This article will go over the pre-design and design phases of the process to determine the costs of creating an application. Additionally, we explain how TechAvidus' team assists its clients in determining the most cost-effective method to accomplish their goals.


What is an App Design?


Before we estimate the cost of designing an app, let's take a brief break to understand what the word "app design" means.

Use your smartphone to open any app that you are interested in. You will see It's likely to be buttons, text and icons. Pay attention to the colours within the application. What do they mean? Do you like the way they work together? Try to perform any action by tapping the button and swiping. Was it easy to perform this step?

It was a brief introduction to the design of apps. It is a combination of what you can experience in the App with the way users interact. Two components are involved in creating this experience: UX & UI design.


UI (user interface) design: It's a visual element of any application. It includes sliders, buttons input fields, colour animation, and so on.

UX (user experience) design: It stands for the functionality of users' responses and their navigation through an application.


The key to creating a successful app is the proper visual touchpoints, an exact sequence of steps and simple navigation. It is essential to remember that every App's goal is to resolve an issue. A good design will help to achieve this goal.


Factors affecting the cost of App Design


Type of Application


The kind of App you want to create is crucial. You can select from simple gaming apps, mobile apps, hybrid applications native apps, for example. If you choose the most straightforward option, it will cost lower and vice versa. Hybrid app development is the best option if you're looking for an app that works on Android and iOS.


App Platform


Selecting the platform and device on the App to be developed directly impacts the price of creating an app. For example, developing an app designed for one platform is less costly than one designed for several platforms. In the same way, creating companion apps for connected TVs and wearables can also increase the cost of designing an app.


Visual Design


Visual designs may include logos, icons, themes, user interfaces, and many other points. The price will depend on the amount of detail required for visual designs, the designer's skills of the designer and the timeframe of the project.


Application Maintenance Costs


Mobile applications require continuous maintenance. In addition, you have to provide updates regularly. It is crucial to consider your customers' problems and solve them. Also, updating the App's appearance is vital to keep the user's attention.


Functions and Features


Things like choosing your backend system, third-party integration of services, selecting the best software for managing content and a variety of other technologies are all part of the functions of a mobile app. Based on these options chosen, they can affect the costs of development.


How can you reduce the cost of designing the App?


There are many proven strategies to cut mobile application design prices without sacrificing quality.


1. Make sure you plan it carefully.


Planning carefully in the process of custom mobile app development and design is essential. It's necessary to plan the various features of your App and functions correctly. It will allow you to determine the most critical elements and which are not essential. Making a clear plan right from the beginning can save you from costly revisions and changes later.


2. The focus is on the primary functions.


If you have more functionalities you intend to implement and the larger the number of screens; you will need to design and outline the primary functionalities. So, we suggest delaying any other assignments until a later time.


3. Make prototypes


Creating a clickable mobile application prototype is an excellent way to reduce costs. The design team will be able to create an interactive prototype with tools like Adobe XD or Figma that will show how you intend to use your application. It is possible to use this tool to refine your user experience and determine whether you're ready to begin developing.


4. Design for multiple devices


When creating your App, it's crucial to consider that it will have to run on various devices. It could be tablets, smartphones and desktops. When you design your website for multiple devices right from the beginning, you'll save yourself the expense of expensive redesigns in the future.


5. Outsource your app development


Your work is already completed if you have an in-house development staff. You must send an idea for a PRD, receive estimates, and begin your journey from idea to product. But, if you don't have a team or don't have the technical expertise, it's ideal to subcontract your concept to a well-known third-party development company such as TechAvidus.


Outsourcing comes with many benefits. It reduces development costs, access to a global pool of talent and no need to build your staff and scale resources as needed.


Also read: How to Outsource Web Development Services with Success.


6. Created to be a future-proof system


When developing your App, it is crucial to consider the future. That includes developing new operating systems and devices as they become available. If you build to be ready for the future, you will avoid needing expensive upgrades later.




The cost of designing an app may be different. It's a complex process based on the project's complexity, the nature of the work and, most importantly, the client's requirements and objectives. Remember that a discovery procedure is a part of the technical and design aspects. The costs of designing apps vary depending on the type of App, and you're allowed to select the one that fits you most. Be aware that there's always a way to cut your budget.

TechAvidus know the importance of having a personalized approach to each customer. We don't use templates. We attempt to select the best option for our customers to meet their needs.

If you require assistance developing the App, get in touch with us. We'll be delighted to talk about the details!


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