Vendor Management Software

The Concept

A vendor management software is a must for an organization to manage the third and fourth-party vendor risk. We live in a digitalized economy, and a VMS can pave the way for companies to work more efficiently and handle minute details effectively. VMS allows focussing on the big-picture by removing the overhead of maintaining vendor relationships.

The Challenge

The existing communication flow of the client was not entirely in place. The client approached TechAvidus to build a vendor management software that can streamline the current process and establish exact points of communication between vendor, customer, and itself.

It was challenging for TechAvidus to bring together all the steps that underlined the client’s start to finish the engagement with Vendors. It was crucial for us to identify business goals that revolved around vendor involvement.

The Solution

The result was a robust supplier management software which categorized vendors based on their types that streamlined information. Categorization helped at the time of various report generation and eventually in making critical decisions based on real-time data. The solution acts as a central repository for accessing POs, PRs, contracts, and confidential vendor payment information.

The team of TechAvidus produced a supply chain management software that includes the following features.

  • Classification of the vendors on the basis of their types and significance to the organization.
  • Assistance in risk management by measuring both residual and inherent risk
  • Easy tracking of every step of the vendor management process
  • Extensive and flexible reporting features
  • Easy integration in the ongoing process execution
  • Creation of e-Request for Quotation, Tender, and Proposal
  • Email reminders and notifications to the vendors
  • Enhanced security and management of compliance
  • Deep insights into the vendor and supplier performance
  • Easy-to-use tracking features during audits.
  • Advanced Inventory Management

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