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Fire Risk Assessment Application


TechAvidus is committed to providing the most trusted fire, life safety and security inspection and compliance reporting solutions to customers. The solutions enable inspectors to easily test and inspect fire safety systems and water-based fire protection systems in any environment. The fire safety inspection software solution also permits inspectors to create graphs to document flow measurements.

Fire safety inspection software

You might have invested money and resources into installing high-quality fire protection systems (including fire sprinklers, alarms, extinguishers, suppression systems, and more), it’s important that they continue to work. This can be accomplished through regular inspections of your vital fire safety systems.

For our customers, we utilize an innovative Web-based solution, which guarantees timely inspections and maintenance that are fully documented in accordance with regulatory local and state. Using this tool, we have simplified and replaced the process of costly paper-based inspections with real-time data and on-demand reports.

Our web solutions software scan devices and upload results to a secure, Web-based account that you can access 24 hours a day from any computer or mobile.

Fire Alarm and Reporting Systems

TechAvidus specialize in all types of fire alarm system from a simple conventional system, for smaller premises, to an intelligent addressable system, for large complex buildings. As an alternate to hard wired systems we can provide a wire-free system ideal for solving problems in your buildings.

With our systems you are in control, because once you have chosen to use us we are sure that you will stay with our service and maintenance.

The Fire Inspection App is a designed to help businesses in providing safe workplace and ensure that the premises have fire safety. The app maintains an electronic record of previous inspection reports that is easily accessible from anywhere in case of unexpected code enforcement inspections. The app makes it easy to conduct building inspections that include items like checking fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, emergency exits, and verifying employee training on the Life Safety Code. This is a very useful app for business owners who want to avoid fire department code violations and keep employees safe. The fire inspections app provides a checklist of items to be inspected, along with a section for comments and photos. With the Fire Inspections Checklist mobile app, it's easy for business owners to run through their own fire safety program, emergency evacuation procedures and hazardous materials handling processes. By regularly conducting fire safety inspections at your business, you can ensure that you are compliant with local safety codes in your area.

  • As an alternative to paper, the fire extinguisher inspection logs and safety seals, certified technician and fire safety inspectors can use our Fire Extinguisher Inspection mobile app to quickly conduct operational and functional checks on all fire extinguishers in your establishment. This inspection app generates an easy to use fire extinguisher inspection template that makes it easy to record data and submit results instantly. Your data on portable fire extinguisher inspections and extinguisher maintenance will be saved as an output ( PDF) securely in the Cloud. 

About Client

The client is a fire and rescue agency from Oslo, the capital of Norway which works to give city residents a high-level security when it comes to fire and accident protection. To achieve this, it has good preparedness for both the minor everyday events, major fires and accidents within the city limits and the national rescue service. This agency mainly aims to safeguard the citizens of Oslo from unwanted fire and risk throughout the city areas.

The Challenge

With the objective to have the most fireproof city in the country the number of casualties needs to be reduced, increase fire safety checks on historical and socio-critical objects for which a well-organized and effective emergency response is required.

The client wished to create a simple and easy to use client-server based application which will support both iPhone and iPad with bilingual language support.

“Fire Risk Assessment” has a wide range of goal and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below

  • Mobility to the Assessment reports created by users
  • Login for authenticated users only
  • Dynamic Questionnaire list based on the object selection
  • Calculate risk based on the answers for each risk object
  • Easily accessible by anyone from any part of the world and at any time
  • Local language support to ease & quicken assessment for employees of Fire Risk Agency

The Solution

The Universal application assisted the Agency to report fire risk by attempting the self-check. TechAvidus developed a mobile application “Fire Risk Assessment” which offers following features

  • Login functionality allowing access to authenticated
  • A web backend supported application for creation of object type and ID along with configuration of questionnaire
  • Dynamic question list from the server for different object ID
  • Answer the questionnaire by choosing the available options from drop-down, toggling switches or entering text in the text fields.
  • Self-check assessment results for fire risk for selected risk objects
  • Calculate the risk by submitting the answers to the server
  • Bilingual language support with English and Norwegian
  • PDF report generation for submitted assessments

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