Equipment/Asset Monitoring System for CNG Equipment Manufacturer

The Concept

The Equipment Monitoring System with cutting-edge automation is a comprehensive solution for equipment manufacturers. It enhances the overall performance of the business by reducing operating and maintenance expenses. CNG equipment manufacturing industry isn’t any exception. Our clients in the CNG equipment manufacturing industry were looking for a centralized Oil and Gas equipment monitoring system.

The client wanted an application that provides all the required information of all sites/plants at once and reports about different scenarios. The client also had an idea to facilitate users to interact, whether it’s a complaint or support request.

The Challenges

One of the most challenging aspects of development in the CNG Equipment Monitoring System was tracking every equipment point on the Google map. It was also an uphill task to ensure high-level user security in the Oil and Gas equipment monitoring system so that only rightful entities can enter the portal so that one can mess with the system.

The Solution

TechAvidus has implemented a smart CNG Equipment Monitoring System to get all the relevant details about the accessible sites. Based on the user's access to sites, this Oil and Gas equipment monitoring system displays every information on the dashboard. The system allows users to monitor pressure level, temperature, and other set parameters. The CNG Equipment Monitoring system aids to discover:

Faulted Sites

Notifies about faulted sites and allows the user to have real-time tracking of faulted zones and repair work that is going on.

Number of Callouts

Allows the user to note and track the number of callouts raised per site, per day etc.

Live Equipment Data

Supports current hardware — compressors, boosters, dryers, dispensers, and most valve panels.

Intelligent Dashboard

To view temperature logs, run robust reports, and to leverage compliance features

The Features

Login Functionality

Login secures the system by enabling only authenticated entry to the portal. It allows users to control the pressure level of temperature and important parameters set by the system. Users can view full details on the dashboard and take actions accordingly.

Contact Management

The systematic contact management makes contacts well-organized and easy to explore. It also keeps a log of discussions had with all the connections.

Google Map Locations

You can drop a pin on Google Maps and save that location or navigate it to inspect the storing and retrieving status of your CNG oil and gas equipment. You can save the GPS coordinates of that spot by dropping a pin to retrieve the precise location, rather than the nearest street address.

Scroll Load Google Line Charts

We have implemented Google line charts into the Oil and Gas equipment monitoring system. It is a unique feature as more detailed information is loaded when the user scrolls/hovers over the graph. It will aid in performing analysis and detailed information and can be determined using these charts.

Data Sharing with Other Users

With data sharing configuration, users involved in different roles and groups can also get additional accessibility to the other users’ data.

Condition Monitoring

Provides live temperature details and gives an early warning regarding temperature rise/spike on the surface that aid to make clever decisions related to equipment functionalities.

Google Column Charts

This system draws Google column charts in primary dashboard widgets. These column charts are an effective way to display change over a period of time. It is simple, flexible, as well as reader-friendly.

Manage Widget Display Order

With drag and drop technology, you will never get to be worried about what is happening with your manufacturing sites. You can manage widget display orders by just dragging various elements, including links, images, texts, and files.

Grid with Pagination

Grid and pagination are implemented to organize and display large quantities of data. It is the most user-friendly way to sort and display a massive amount of data, and this also makes various analyses and interpretations very easy.

Work Order Form

A work order form provides details collected from the users and multiple abilities such as export to PDF upload files as an attachment and send the form via email to the email group.

API Connection with ERP, CAD & BI System

The system enables API (Application Programming Interface) integration with ERP, CAD, and BI to access multiple functionalities and data of software.

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