AI-based Digital Assets Management Solution

The Client

A client who is working with high-profile aviation companies approached us to unite their asset data on the intelligent blockchain network.

The earlier traditional method that was used to manage and transact the assets, involved paper-based and fragmented approach, which was inefficient. After a proper discussion and analysis of the problem, we decided to leverage the potential of AI in asset management to come to a solution. We aimed to develop an AI-based Assets management solution, to digitize the global aerospace supply chain and create digital passports for each asset.

The Solution

An open source asset management software is developed by the team to break the barriers caused by the manual paper-based process and make the task easy and comfortable for the industry.

Hurdles in the industries

We took the ride to develop the digital Asset management software to overcome the following hurdles in the path.

  • Incomplete information regarding aviation assets: There are trillions of assets in the aviation industry. The stakeholders have a negligible idea of who owns the assets and under what conditions.
  • The tedious ownership transfer process: The entire process of aviation ownership transfer is laborious. It consumes a lot of time and efforts to review thousands of documents by several teams of skilled personnel.
  • Inefficient paper-based management of assets: The traditional method that involves the paper-based management of assets is not worth the time and pain that it consumes. A large quantity of paper documentation is required for the Aircraft and their parts which assist in the management of asset and compliance.

Launch our Blockchain!

With the help of our system, users can create a permanent digital passport by committing their asset profiles to the blockchain with a single click. Users can also share their profiles with the collaborators in order to develop and maintain the asset profiles.

How does it work?

The most advanced artificial intelligence software generates profiles of aircraft, engines and their respective parts. The input to the software consists of the unstructured data uploads such as PDFs scans and image files. Our efficient digitized asset management system is capable of rebuilding technical trace with an automation rate of 85% compared to the traditional paper-based process.

Details of the software

    • What can the user add?
      • data import assets related documents
      • work log of the asset
      • certification of the asset etc.
    • Who defines the system structure and technology stack?
      • It is predefined by the client.
    • How can the asset be modified or handled?
      • Based on the different types of the user access asset can be modified or

Major features

  • Asset profile
  • Fleet management Dashboard
  • Record manager
  • Launch your digital passport which will give you all information about your assets

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