MVP app development was rooted in the world of startups who used this approach to create a minimal version of their product to try out and collect feedback from early adopters or beta testers. Many of the world's most well-known apps launched the MVP versions of their interfaces, such as Uber, Dropbox, Airbnb, Buffer, and Foursquare.

According to Statista, 25% of applications are removed after a single time. In the meantime, other apps are growing in size, and the challenge has become more complex.

MVP, or minimum viable strategy for product development, permits a phased development and a quicker launch time, which could be crucial in mobile customer and enterprise applications.


What is MVP App Development?


A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a concept that was developed in the world of startups and is currently used in all kinds of businesses and sizes to try out new products. Eric Ries from LeanStartup was one of the first to introduce it to the general public. He explains that MVP app development is to develop an application with the most basic functions and then make it available to early users and evangelists for feedback.


How to Build MVP : Step by Step Guide


Find the problem you need to resolve


Before you create your MVP, you should ask yourself an important question: is your product required? What problem are you trying to resolve? Creating an MVP will only be effective if the problem is relevant and even existent.

Each app's concept is based on a market problem many people are interested in. Even the most innovative application will only be successful if a single person utilizes it.


Do Market Research


If you can come up with an idea of how to solve the MVP app development challenges and solutions, the next step is to conduct market research. Research on competitive markets is essential to creating MVP software. About 42% of startups fail because their product fails to meet market demands. Every startup needs to undertake extensive market research before investing capital assets.

Therefore, your MVP app development must know what the users want. For creating an excellent MVP, it is essential to do deep user research and study user behaviour.

There might already be competitors in the field you're trying to create your application. It's alright when you know how to spot your strengths in the areas competitors are leaving out.


Define Your Feature List


Sort the essential features from the desirable features. One strategy you can use to organize your thoughts is developing a priority matrix. Be sure to prioritize the factors that will make the application distinct from underperforming competitors. Because this is an essential aspect of MVP app development, your team must be involved. Consider the suggestions from your IT and business experts as well.

You'll be able to conclude with a number of the MVP app's most vital features. These are the most significant and influential aspects of the application.


Outline The User Flow


Your MVP development needs to be built around your customers and their experiences, one of the most efficient methods of ensuring that your customers are satisfied.

In the initial MVP, it's the average user flow. It will give you a clearer picture of the way you decide to create the MVP software. You need to understand user flow facts and the steps users are expected to take to reach the application's primary goal.

You should review your app's idea or the operating model you're utilizing. After that, you can quickly know what kind of actions you would like users to be able to experience when using the application. That is a significant step to help decide which pages to create and which tabs to add.


MVP Development


Once you have established the user flow and identified the components required for each step, it is time to create the MVP. That is where all project development starts. Before allocating tasks to developers, they should first shorten the tech.

There are many ways that a startup can develop its minimum viable product. Based on their cost allocation and technological capabilities, entrepreneurs can choose one of the three options for developing their startup MVP. These are the three options:

  • Hiring remote devs/ teams
  • Create an in-house MVP app development group
  • Outsourcing app building to an MVP company


Validate your MVP


Validate your MVP app before you publish it. Asking your family and friends is often the best way to validate your MVP app. You can also hire user testing companies. Continue to gather feedback from early adopters after your MVP is live.


Launch MVP & Gather Feedback


The power of MVP app development lies in the 'Fail Fast' principle. Your MVP should respond as soon as possible to your questions, and you can use this feedback to refine your product. It is essential to understand what your MVP users love and what they don't like.

Knowing what you can improve is an MVP's most critical takeaway. So, gather feedback as soon as possible and start implementing.


Benefits of building an MVP


Builds Confidence in the Product Pitch


Nowadays, many companies rely on investors' buy-ins to get money to develop innovative products. This purchase is essential to implant confidence in the product being pitched and its ability to achieve the expected result.

Through MVP app development, you can ensure this purchase. There are a lot of benefits to the business of MVP through assisting firms to determine if their idea can be successful before presenting them to investors. It makes the case solid and demonstrates the idea's market value. An MVP is a fully functional product, allowing businesses to show that they have an actual product for investors.

The successful MVP is not just proof of the potential and value of a product but also gives tangible solutions to those involved in maximizing the value of their investment and easing the funding process.




It's the most significant benefit of a minimally viable product. That is because you need to know how the public will react to it before putting a lot of capital into the idea.


Proves Market Demands


An MVP can help gain an understanding and verify market requirements. Most of the time, companies assume that their product fulfils users to meet a particular demand. But this might not be the case as the requirement may be absent, or there are solutions already meeting this need on the market.

An MVP can help companies evaluate market needs and determine potential users. They would benefit from their product without the need to spend more money if it's compared to existing products similar to those available. Based on the feedback received, it is possible to tweak the app's design or provide more market differentiation by utilizing their current MVP developers.


Minimum Time Needed to Market Publication   


Another reason is that this technique has gained traction throughout the modern business world. If you're implementing this method correctly, you'll be able to launch your product within a shorter period. Developing is speedier since you're taking feedback into every step.


Winning investors


Companies often rely on investor or stakeholder support to secure the funds and approve a mobile idea. A good foundation of trust for the product being promoted and its potential to achieve the expected results is vital in securing this buy-in.

Making an MVP is an effective strategy to get investor support because it allows companies to test the feasibility of their idea before approaching investors, ensuring that their case for the business product will be solid.




Many billion-dollar corporations have enjoyed success through MVPs. You've probably seen apps such as Facebook, Amazon, UBER, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. All of them followed the MVP model before they became big players. As a startup, MVP app development should be your top priority instead of investing time and money to build a fully-featured app.


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