Web Application Trends you shouldn’t Ignore 

Website surfing on your smartphones has become a cakewalk these days, thanks to highly advanced web development technologies sweeping the online landscape.

Bolstered by high-speed internet and smart tools, many of the latest web application technologies such as AI, chatbots, Voice User Interfaces, Motion UI, among many others have become an indispensable part of web app development.

Here, I walk you through 9 emerging technology trends that have the potential to turnaround the web application development domain soon.

#1. Chatbots and AI

As it turns out, Chatbots and web technology aren’t mutually exclusive. Chatbots have been an integral part of web technology for a reasonable number of years. Nevertheless, new-age chatbots are more powerful and smarter than their older counterparts. Chatbots, are already known for conversing, and solving customer queries as any human does. Now with AI in the picture, a chatbot can interact with users more effectively and answer customers queries. These days, chatbots are thoroughly programmed to analyze the spending habits of people and offer better recommendations in turn.

Further, chatbots with AI integration are an integral part of all eCommerce web development technologies for they are known for understanding customers better and even respond to live speech of human beings. 

#2. Scaling apps and Serverless Architecture

Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are the three major hosting providers that offer serverless architecture. AWS Lambda and Google Firebase are some of the best serverless architectures that enable developers to write code without worrying much about deploying, monitoring, maintaining, and scaling of servers. You can hook your application to any of the serverless offerings and use the app in a few clicks.

Things are upgraded by taking into account the data type, whether it is an app that is text-heavy on the database side or an app that stores loads of images. The basic architecture takes into account speed, affordability, and scalability by leveraging the best resources for the job.

#3. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps match native mobile apps both in its looks and actions. It brings on board the benefit of mobile experience and browser technology. 

More importantly, the apps load quickly, and works offline as well, which, in turn, improves user engagement and experience. Presently, this technology is ruling the roost in the web development world with top companies using it for better user engagement and conversions.

#4. Vue JS

Though developed in 2014, VueJS has been gaining new grounds since 2018. The biggest plus being:  Vue framework is light in weight, and at the same time, it’s lightning fast. More importantly, it holds a special place in the web application development world because it is on its own. In other words, it has got no backing like React and Angular. React is backed by Facebook, and Angular has Google’s blessing. Evan You, a software developer, has developed VueJS.   

And given that documentation for VueJS was always available in Chinese, the framework is widely popular in China.  VueJS is now being employed by top companies like Expedia, GitLab, Nintendo, and more. Currently, VueJs is listed among the top 10 most used projects in Github.

#5. Voice User Interfaces

Voice User Interface is yet another web application trend that’s catching fire, thanks to the ever-growing popularity of voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant that are making conversational interfaces a huge reality. Developers are pushing the envelope to ensure that voice interaction is made as intuitive as possible. With time, developers won’t have to rack their brains to remember a code. They can order voice services to perform a specific task. Not surprisingly, web development companies are leveraging VUI in their web applications to offer enhanced user experience to the visitors.

#6. Real-Time Web Apps

Real-time web apps have been around for some time now, but then, recently, their popularity has grown. The reason cited is that customers want faster interactions, and only real-time web apps can deliver on that front. In case you are not aware, web apps tend to share information immediately.

In real-time web apps, the connection between the client and the server is open. The enables the server to push any new data once it’s available. This feature is quite common in Node.js but is being picked up by other languages as well.

#7. Single Page Applications (SPA)

Single Page Web Applications have gained quite a popularity with developers as it offers unique benefits like a significant decrease in page load time and simple user interaction process. Additionally, the SPA enables dynamic loading of a page within a given page.

#8. Motion UI Design

Motion UI is a stand-alone SASS library that helps developers create custom UI animations and prototypes in their designs. With motion design, one can easily embed loads of elements, including text, illustrations, images, videos, and more. If executed appropriately, motion graphics can help in drastically improving the user engagement of your website. The technology brings digital products to life and enables businesses to engage with customers in a practical and useful way.      

#9. Static-Site Generators

Static site generators are touted to be the next big website designing tool. It doesn’t require a database to build websites. All that is needed is a text stored in files rather than in databases, to create a static website. The biggest pluses of static website compared to a dynamic website include faster loading, smoother deployment, higher performance, and better security handling.      

Try popular static-site generators such as Hugo, and Jekyll to get started with your very first statically generated site.

Wrapping Up

There you go! 9 web application development trends that will keep developers on their toes. Meaning, developers will have to upgrade their skill sets and knowledge base to meet these technological changes. Still looking develop application but not sure about which trends to choose? Let’s connect.

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