Mobile Application Development

Mobile devices have had a tremendous impact on the way we live our lives. It connects us with friends, family, and teams quickly. It takes cares of our daily tasks and makes it easy for us to put our business in the palm. We aim to help your business create and launch an app that satisfies business needs and provide the intuitive user experience.

Why choose TechAvidus as your mobile development team

Instead of rattling through the selection of technologies, we build cross-platform applications, Android and iPhone applications that enable our customers to reach a wider audience with different operating systems and devices much faster.

We work on hand to hand with our customers through all stages of development from conceptualization phase to final release. Our methodologies are focused on three P’s which are:

People Oriented Designs

We understand that regardless of app’s amazing features it is always a concern for app development companies to make it reachable to an intended audience.  At TechAvidus we conduct extensive research on your end users (whether they are your clients, consumers or employees) before creating first design screen.


Detailed consumer research also pinpoints the specific mobile operating platform your application should target. Our mobile application developers and analysts then utilize their knowledge and experience to develop Cross Platform application, Android Application, iPhone Application and windows application.


Understanding in and out of client’s needs we select the right process to develop the mobile app. We are using best concepts like Material design in a design phase, follow agile or scrum methodologies for project management and follow testing standards for app testing. We conduct a beta test on apps and collect inputs from internal employees, client, client’s employees and from a few consumers, then we incorporate their inputs and successfully release an app.

Post-development we provide free of cost support to customers as a part of our commitment to stand by with them.

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