Food Delivery Mobile Application

About Client

A client has a unique idea of delivering food with drinks. He did an acid test of his idea to deliver good food in the best way that is tough to get otherwise. When they started implementing idea through their web portal they had a tremendous response due to their unique menu and food quality. They quickly decided to build a mobile application for android and ios.


We offered both ways the native development of Android/Ios application and a way through Xamarin with pros and cons. We both came to the same stage and decided to use Xamarin as a Technology as it was faster and saving money to a client. TechAvidus offered following features using Xamarin: 

Users Features

Sign up and log in to Account

Prepare Dish

  • Browse and Select their food item(s).
  • The approximate delivery time is shown for each product.
  • Customize their order and make it special        


  • Once they have customized their order, click Checkout.
  • Fill in information and Save for next time.
  • Continue to Pick their order

Pick order

  • When ordering food without alcohol, Select Single Restaurant marked as an option.
  • If a customer has a discount code--type in a code in the Discounts column.
  • Select "Complete Order" to finalize and send their order over to the restaurant

 Order drinks

  • Browse and  Select Drinks.
  • Each Alcoholic product asks if a customer is over 19.  Verify by clicking "Yes".
  • Once customer clicked "Yes", the next step is to show proof of customer’s age. To do this Customer take a snapshot of their ID (License, National ID or Passport only) and send it to a client through Messenger for verification.
  • The customer only needs to send a snapshot the first time they order.
  • Once customer sent ID and confirmed that he is over 19, click Checkout.
  • Select Liquor if clients are only ordering alcohol and Food & Liquor if a client is getting food with drinks.
  • Discounts do not work when only ordering alcohol.
  • Select "Complete order" to send an order.

Admin Features          

  • Approve/delete Members, Restaurant Vendors, and customers
  • Confirm food ordering
  • Create Campaigns and Advertisements
  • Manage CMS part of Portal and Mobile App
  • Reward to customers and approve for discounts.



Microsoft Xamarin, Content Delivery Network (CDN) 


Microsoft Azure,, MVC and WCF for WEB API

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