There has been a swift growth in the number of mobile phone users. With this fact in mind, it is evident as to why the demand for developing mobile applications is also on the rise.  Though the mobile app industry witnesses a lot of investors, they often come with a bundle of questions around the cost of development. The average cost to develop an app depends on certain factors. Let’s have a look at how much does it cost to develop an app in 2021.


Factors Affecting Cost of App Development


Application Platform


Native app development and Hybrid / Cross-Platform App Development are two basic variants for developing your app. Native app development incorporates apps designed to run on a specific platform of choice i.e., either Android or iOS. A hybrid app, on the other hand, can be launched on either platform. The app development cost thus depends on the platform you pick.

Native apps are not compatible with devices that do not have a precise platform. Thus for every kind device, you need to develop a new app with the relevant framework. This further raises the cost and timeline of app development.

Hybrid apps use the same piece of code for apps to run on several platforms. This relatively mitigates the app development cost.


Visual Designing 


An outstanding UX/UI design undoubtedly is highly responsible for the successful development of any app. Proper research and prototyping are crucial for the same.

The Internet is full of powerful tools that aid in making the prototype more attractive. With this, it also ensures a splendid user experience. To list a few:

  • Wireframe Pro
  • Balsamiq
  • Prott
  • UXPin

The cost of an app’s visual designing may depend on:

  • The complexity of the design.
  • Demand for UI/UX Developers (based on region)


Functionality & Features


In this section, one needs to analyze how complex the app is. The functionalities and depth of features are essential things that will determine the app's comp and eventually, the cost as well.

Let's have a look at the list of a few of such functionalities and features:

  • Login: The initial step for getting started. Users need to register here to use the app.
  • File uploading: Apps may require specific audio-visual requirements. If it is a social media app, then it's inevitable that it will need media support.
  • Profile completion: From providing the user's necessary information to attaching a display profile with the account.
  • Profile editing: Editing profile like updating name, password, or account details.
  • Search: This option allows the user to search for relevant material in the app.
  • Messaging: An essential feature of social interactions. This may include attaching files in the chatbox, viewing online/typing status, sending messages.
  • Push notifications: This is the most crucial part of the app. It keeps the user informed of the whereabouts in the app or service.
  • Basic admin panel
  • User Management for creating/editing/deleting users.
  • Payment management for seeing/refunding payments.
  • Push notifications for sending custom notifications.


App Complexity


Some features are more complex than the usual ones. And due to more complexity, such features cost more than the others:

  • Map: Apps having maps instilled provide ease for the user to enter pickup/ drop points by searching and detecting the precise location.
  • Payments: For checking balance, adding cards, or viewing transaction history.
  • Streaming: To play/stop/pause or broadcast. Some apps like Netflix, HBO depend on the user’s internet connection and camera setting. For this Data processing and media file supported has to be monitored.
  • Calls: Apps may provide online video/audio calls features for better communication.


App Maintenance Cost


Developing an app and launching it to the market is not the end. Applications, in a way, require the supervision of the developing team even after the launch. 

Maintenance of the application would cover up the following:

  • Bugs 
  • Constant performance and stability 
  • Latest version updates of various operating systems
  • New feature updates 
  • Provide support 

In general, maintenance of the app might cost you around 15-20% of the total app development cost

With these factors mentioned above, you must have an idea of the factors that determine the cost to develop an app. Are you all set to build a beneficial application? Let’s connect and explore more. 


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