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Daily Deals Mobile App


The concept of daily deals mobile app is a solution that makes the users shopping experience very cost effective. Nowadays, people are just addicted to mobile apps, and they simply love to glance the deals and at and at the same time they make the payments for availing the offers. Reason being, they simply cannot afford to miss such deals that define their interest and preferred shopping domains.

The Challenges

The client contacted TechAvidus to develop a multi-language (Left to Right and Right to Left) Daily Deal Web-Platform. Images, content, and material provided by the client were not in English and it was difficult for TechAvidus Team to understand many things.

Our Solution

TechAvidus developed Daily Deal web application which is connecting millions of subscribers with local merchants. It is kind of an online e-commerce marketplace and covers-up following features.


  • The main modules in the Daily Deals Mobile App contain.

    • Sign/Up
    • View deals
    • Invite friends
    • My favorites
    • Use Coupon codes
    • Browse store/specific orders
    • Redeem Coupons
    • Acquired Deals
  • The advanced features of these apps comprise.

    • Ease of navigation and tracking
    • Price Comparison
    • Payment Gateway
    • Social Media Integration
    • Cloud Environment
    • Real-time Analytics
    • Push Notifications


Deal Manager

  • Deal Manager manages to add, edit and list of various deals on the website posted by the client. Several different forms of deals added on websites like Physical, side, Instant and daily deals. Deals can be created with deal options, multiple redemption locations and redemption slots, including inventory management.Front-end user can filter the deals based on their type, location, categories etc.

Merchant Management

  • Each business has its own dashboard with order management, multiple locations or franchise management. Business can view deals, request for new deal and redeem the certificate for a deal, Initiate shipment of assignments, and can view payment reports.


  • The portal followed the localization approach and posted multi-language contents, deals and allow the local currencies transaction with local timing.


  • Many payment gateways are added to make the checkout process convenient for customers. Single page checkout has been added. The user can send deals as a gift to their friends and relatives through gift module. E-certificate for the deal attached to deals while sending as a gift so the right person can only have access.

Emails, CMS, and Reports

  • Daily emails about new deals, sent to customer’s inbox. Also, the user has the right to subscribe to daily deals via the subscriber module. SEO, social media, cross-selling, gift coupons and promotions are part of this project. Many reports like sales, referral, merchant, city, user-based reports, merchant Reports, affiliation reports are part of the system.
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