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Custom Payment Gateway


Payment Gateway Integration is a way of receiving payments from customers on your website. If you are developing subscription-based website or ecommerce store then you need a reliable payment gateway provider. We can integrate payment gateway on your website or store so customers can make payments online using their credit card or internet banking.

Every online store needs a way to take online payment from the customer. If you are developing a web application and you require payment gateway integration, then we can avail simplified option to integrate PayPal with your application.

Integrate Authorize .Net Payment Gateway, it provides massive flexibility with highest standards of safety, security and reliability that makes easy for customers to use. It’s easy to integrate and extended. This payment service is best for start-up, small, medium or big sized online merchants.

Our extensive experience with payment gateway services and implementations enable us to develop robust, flexible payment integration methods. We can develop custom payment gateway and, integrate Authorize.net, Paypal, Stripe and many third party payment gateways to your website or store.


TechAvidus has developed Custom Payment Platform which allows users to create fully featured digital Wallet to accept payments from users.  Solution passed and, in most cases, surpasses PCI/DSS standards set for the payment industry.

Packed with innovative features and technology, such as OAuth 2.0, an industry standard, to authenticate and authorize to the platform. Account notifications, transaction tracking, and mobile phone verifications provide users real-time information about activities on their accounts.

Following are key features of this unique payment platform:

  • Pay with Mobile App
  • Merchant Services Management
  • Account Card management
  • CNP Fraud Prevention
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • OAUTH 2.0
  • Developer Portal
  • Reward System
  • Social Contacts
  • Blockchain Integration

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