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Health And Wellness Mobile Application


TechAvidus analyzed existing web application structure, discussed with client’s representative and presented a mobile prototype to the client and started the mobile application in Xamarin.

TechAvidus Deployed Application on Android, iPhone and Windows Platform using Xamarin native. For web services, we have used WCF REST API. Following are key features of Application:

System Security

Token-based Approach is used to prevent attacks and unauthorized entries. Without valid token user cannot access app and web services. Encrypted password storage and connections methods are used.

Members can

  •  Access fitness challenges
  •  View their personal health data
  •  Review a large healthy lifestyle education library
  •  Set personal goals
  •  Arrange the platform to address their specific interests
  •  Communicate with coach

Administrators can

  • Integrate multiple, disparate benefit vendors onto a single platform
  • Achieve permanent data ownership through our warehouse
  • “Keep your vendors honest” by analyzing data objectively with our powerful analytics engine
  • Monitor program and vendor effectiveness with our Insight Manager utility

To Summarize

We provided SaaS health and wellness app that connects customers directly to their health and wellness platform. It simplifies health and wellness program administration for employers and streamlines access for employees while providing unlimited access to the best of breed vendor services (biometric screening, care coordination, outcome-based tracking, coaching, weight management, etc.).

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