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The Challenges

Hotel management can be a herculean task if not managed efficiently. An online hotel management system software which can systematically maintain the customers’ services meanwhile train the hotel management students for success was indeed the need of the hour. Our client approached the team with a vision of a web-based hotel booking software which can also fulfil the need of hotel management training program. The team of Techavidus was ready to apply all its might to serve him the best.


The Solution

Techavidus came across such a challenge to build an online hotel management software in order to elevate the success ratio of the hotel management students and in the way enhance their skills through training. Along with this, the proposed solution also fulfils the requirement of an efficient hotel reservation management system. The incorporated features take care that customers provided a rich experience with effective administration of staff and hotel along with skill building for hotel students.


Student/Children Management Dashboard
Customer Profile

The system has provision for the creation and updating of the customer profile to record all the relevant data for its effective administration.

Exam Preparation Module

Check-in and Check-out options provide ease to the customers as the online hotel management system works as their guide to the same.

Scholarship Details Management

The online hotel management software takes care that the customers can enjoy the facilities at the hotel to the fullest in order to earn customer loyalty.

Collage Planning Dashboard
Room management :

The system also informs the status of the room. Whether the room is occupied or vacant as well as whether it is clean or dirty.

Financial Management
Reservation confirmation:

In case of pre-booking, web-based hotel booking software sends a confirmation mail to the client informing him about the reserved room.

Financial Management
End Of Day Report For Cashier:

A proper record of the daily check-ins and checkouts outs is extremely important. The proposed system encompasses provision for a daily report for an easy understanding of the cashier and the staff.

Financial Management
Proper Access Control

User module is provided for login and log out of the users. The admin is the one who masters the screen. He can check how many users are currently logged in. Users can also access the system but within a configured timeline. The system has a bulk insert for dummy records (Profiles and reservations).

Financial Management
Group Management

The proposed online hotel management software takes care that there is efficient management of the group for effective functioning.

Financial Management
Guest Experience Management

Guests are the assets of any hotel. The software takes due care that each guest can utilize the facilities of the hotel to its maximum and their proper comfort is ensured.

Financial Management

Housekeeping Management

Student/Children Management Dashboard
Maintenance Management

With the help of our online hotel management system, the staff and all the maintenance stuff can be managed properly from one place. The system allows maintaining the technical and administrative actions productively.

Exam Preparation Module
Marketing Management

Marketing is a vital aspect of any hotel. To attract your customers and ensure that your rich hospitality and other offers reach to the audience, proper marketing is the need of the hour. With our system, marketing management seems just a piece of cake.

Front-Office Management

Student/Children Management Dashboard

Accessing multiple faraway properties can be challenging. With the hotel management software, you can overcome the same with a centralized system.

Exam Preparation Module
Online Booking

With the web-based hotel booking software, render your customers the solace of booking with the comfort of the tap of their fingers.

Point Of Sale (POS)

Student/Children Management Dashboard
Reservations Management

The Hotel reservation management system is specifically designed to reduce the troublesome management of the hotel rooms.

Exam Preparation Module
Reviews Management

Feedback and reviews management is very crucial so that the hotel can sharpen its strength and work on its weakness. It also provides the customer with a sense of importance that his/her verdict matters. Our software takes care of that as well.

Exam Preparation Module
Central Reservation System

The centralized reservation system with enchanting features and functionalities empowers the staff and authorities to manage the reservations well.

Booking Engine Integration

GDS / OTA Integration

Student/Children Management Dashboard
Inventory Management

Effective inventory management with the software incorporates both revenue management and yield management.

Exam Preparation Module
Account Management

The software takes proper care of sales and business relationships with particular customers.

Exam Preparation Module
Employee Management

Maintain the details, updates and all the records of management employees, maintenance employees, housekeeping staff, front-desk and accounting staff.

Exam Preparation Module

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