What is Employee Survey Tools?

An Employee Survey Tool is a software that aids an organization in identifying whether or not the environment of the workplace enables employees to deliver their best on a daily basis. The tool essentially measures employee engagement and comes with a power pact feedback system. It allows you to deduce innumerable insights from the survey data.

Types of Employee Survey Tools                                                                        

  • 360 Degree Surveys – Analyze employees from multiple perspectives, including their colleagues, supervisors, managers, subordinates, customers, and suppliers.
  • Employee Pulse Surveys – It aims to seek specific information by measuring employee engagement very frequently.
  • Employee Attitude Surveys – Examine feelings of employees within the workplace. Seek employee opinions on company’s overall working environment.
  • Employee Opinion Surveys - Determine the opinions, viewpoints, and beliefs of employees.
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys – Identify the critical factors of discontent or resentment and focus on them consequently.
  • Employee Engagement Surveys – Assess how involved, committed, passionate, and dedicated employees are regarding their tasks, colleagues, management, and the organization.
  • Employee Performance Appraisal – The organization examines and gives feedback on employee job performance and steps to enhance day-to-day activities as required.
  • Organizational Assessment Surveys – These are research-based surveys that evaluate the climate/culture of the organizations.
  • Employer Improvement Surveys – Enable employees to deliver constructive comments & remarks about the employer. With these details, the employer develops a strategy to enhance organizational methods.  
  • Employee Exit Surveys – The tool provides useful cognizance into relations at the workplace, training requirements, and working methods within an organization.
  • Employee Benefits Surveys – Discover employees’ satisfaction with benefits currently being provided by the organization and customize different benefit plans if need be.
  • Professional Development Surveys – Get reviews from the employees about what they feel with the given training and development tools to promote their professional career objectives in the organization.

Top Features of Employee Survey Tools

  • Employee Survey tools are oriented towards assessing overall Employee Experience. It helps you get a clear picture of how engaged the employees are.
  • Provides complete and unaltered Feedback.
  • Tools give actionable, all-inclusive feedback, i.e., feedback for all Employees.
  • It gives equal importance to every voice; it makes sure that no employee in the organization is left out.
  • A dynamic and futuristic approach. It can identify disengaged teams, struggling managers at an early stage so that the administration can land them a helping hand.
  • It helps maintain a sustainable Employee Retention ratio.

Top Benefits of Employee Survey Tools

  • An employee survey tool can catalyze communication with and within employees. It can enhance motivation, commitment, and efficiency by paying heed to employee suggestions.
  • Encouraging employee engagement can bring around 360 Degree improvement in an organization’s services initiatives.
  • It discovers training requirements and learning activities for overall employee growth.


If you want to develop the employee survey management software, we would be happy to discuss and analyze as to how we can work for your needs.

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